Information System for the Development of Research in Primary Care

Our services

Research Projects

Exploration of concepts, operationalisation and extraction of data for use in research by a research team that develops the study and responds to a protocol.

External sources

Request and secure cross-checking of information with other available data sources or with the research team’s own data sources.

Other services

Extraction of free text, validation questionnaires, randomisation of centres or geographical representations among others.

Available data

More than 8,000,000 people

Prescribed drugs and pharmaceutical dispensing

Diagnoses collected by more than 10,000 professionals

Visits to primary care services

1.3 billion clinical variable records

Other data

Data request

How to request data?

If you are a public institution, an ICS or IDIAPJGol researcher or you are involved in a regulatory agency project, you can obtain data from the SIDIAP by starting our request form.

SIDIAP, 2022