General descriptive data


The variables collected in the SIDIAP are separated according to their origin:
  • Clinical or consultation variables
  • Analytical or laboratory variables
For more information on what type of variable can be found in each group and what additional information can be requested, please consult the Information available, Variables.

Clinical variables

The following figures show the temporal distribution of all the consultation variables already included in the Clinical Variables table and the number of records of the most recorded measures:
*Note: You can see a clear drop in the number of registrations in 2020 caused by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analytical variables

Next we can find graphical representations of the time distribution of the laboratory tests validated by the SIDIAP, the most recorded analyses and the percentage of records automatically entered into the system compared to those recorded manually by PC professionals or RIMAP (Record Entered Manually in Primary Care).
*Note: It can be seen that most SIDIAP laboratory records are automatically entered into the system by the laboratories.
SIDIAP, 2022