Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the SIDIAP's scientific projects and activities.



  • Evaluating the alignment of research projects with the strategic lines of the ICS and the IDIAP.

  • Looking after the interests of the research lines of the IDIAP groups.

  • Evaluating the feasibility of the projects in order to carry them out in the SIDIAP.

  • Proposing the bases for the call for annual grants from the SIDIAP.

  • Evaluating and proposing the winners of the calls related to training and research of the SIDIAP.


The Committee is composed of:

  • General Coordination of the SIDIAP
  • SIDIAP Scientific Coordination
  • Management responsible for Primary Health Care at the ICS
  • Between 2 and 4 members of the research
  • CatSalut representative from the area of therapeutic harmonisation

 Or the persons delegated by them


Bonaventura Bolíbar
Ariadna Mas
María Aragón
José Luis del Val
Rafel Ramos
Rosa Morros
Maria Giner

Meetings and arrangements for adopting resolutions

Changes in the composition of these members may be proposed at the request of both institutions.

A minimum of 10 meetings per year shall be established, but working meetings may be held whenever one of the parties so requests.

Meetings may be held by videoconference or other telematic means provided that the identification of the attendees, the continuity of communication, the possibility of intervening in the deliberations and the casting of votes are guaranteed.

Agreements shall be reached by consensus; otherwise, agreements shall be adopted by a simple majority of those attending, with one vote for each member of the committee.

Assessment criteria

  • SIDIAP feasibility (possibility to obtain data with the SIDIAP)

  • Scientific quality and relevance of the project

  • Degree of interference with existing projects by IDIAP groups

  • Compatibility with the clinical strategy of the ICS

  • Degree of funding that the project can provide

SIDIAP, 2022