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The computerization of the Primary Care medical records of the Catalan Health Institute (CHI) began in the late 90s and was complete in 2005. Currently all visits are recorded electronically through a piece of software called eCAP, and paper version of records have disappeared.

The possibility of utilising the potential of electronic medical records for research purposes prompted the Jordi Gol Foundation early in 2000 to create the XIIAP, the Primary Care Research Informatics Network, similar to other European initiatives. During these years this has made possible the participation in the European eHID project (Electronic Medical Records for Health Indicator Date) led by the University of Nottingham, which allowed us to become better acquainted with various new European projects and the difficulties inherent in this type of project, and to have a wider knowledge of the methods used for e-records-based research, and its potential. But the diversity of informatics systems in the CHI made its development difficult.

Later, in 2007, the Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute put into operation a new program, creating the UNIDAP (Primary Care Electronic Data Unit ). The computerization of the CHI Primary Care was completed, all the diverse informatics systems had migrated to the eCAP, and the Girona Research Support Units were also carrying out a series of studies based on electronic medical records. This made possible the development of the REGIPREV (Register of Preventive Action in Spain) and EMMA (Study of Monitoring of Atherosclerosis) projects during these years.

But in December 2009 there came a new opportunity, and an alliance was created among the SISAP (Primary Care Services Information System) of the CHI, the Jordi Gol Primary Care Research Institute (IDIAP) and the Girona Research Support Unit (USR). This alliance brought together a series of investigations and common interests that have allowed the creation of a new and much stronger research database. And so, after studying existing databases in Europe (GPRD, QRESEARCH, Pharma, THIN, etc.), they launched, in January 2010, SIDIAP, the Information System for the Development of Primary Care Research.


The main aim of SIDIAP is to make available a great information system with data from the clinical work station of primary care (ECAP) of the ICS (Catalan Health Institute) and other complementary sources which allow access to valid and trustworthy information to achieve new knowledge and to support Primary Care research.

The creation of SIDIAP should empower the ICS´s own research, both at the strategic Corporate Center level and at the local research units, and help the health evaluation of the institution, as well as improve clinical advice through the creation of new knowledge.

SIDIAP should allow IDIAP to promote the investigation and to participate in and lead highly competitive projects at the national and international level, as well as to participate in diverse research infrastructures, as well as establish strategic alliances with other institutions and research networks.


  • Innovation and creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Competitiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Diversity
  • Transparency


The organitzation of the SIDIAP is based on the following structuctures:


    • To define and approve directives, requirement and the work to be carried out
    • To approve the work plan
    • To carry out th follow-up
    • To see it that regulationson protection of personal data are complied with
    • To resolve possible problems and contingencies
    • To carry out the final evaluation


    • Two representatives from each of the parties.
      • Currently these are: Candela Calle and Pol Pérez  for the CHI, and Concepció Violan Fors and Bonaventura Bolíbar Ribas for IDIAP.


    • To carry out the Follow-up Committee's decisions.
    • To draq up the Work Plan


    • Up to a maximum of 8 members. Managing Director of IDIAP, Scientific Director of IDIAP, Scientific Coordinator of SIDIAP, Technical Coordinator of SIDIAP, and 4 medical professionals of the CHI appointed by this board.
      • Currantly these are: Concepció Violan, Bonaventura Bolíbar, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Manuel Medina, Leo Méndez, Rosa Morral, Rosa Morros i Rafael Ramos.

    • To evaluate requests for information received to determine interest, possible conflicts of interest, and then approve or reject the request in accordance with the criteria established by the Directors’ Committee.
    • Up to a maximum of 8 members, IDIAP Scientific Director, SIDIAP Scientific Coordinator, 3 CHI investigators to be nominated by the Medical Board and 3 by the IDIAP and  1 membre of Technical Secretary.
      • Currently these are: Bonaventura Bolíbar, Daniel Prieto-Alhambra, Sebastián Calero, Rafael Ramos, Rosa Morros, Talita Duarte and Anna Moleras.


    • To carry out all technical tasks necessary to respond to the requests approved by the Scientific Committee


    • The SIDIAP coordinator and various members making up the SIDIAP tecnical team. Currently these are:
      • Scientific Coordination: Daniel Prieto-Alhambra
      • Technical Coordination: Manolo Medina
      • Members: Eduardo Hermosilla, Maria Aragón, Leo Méndez, Rafael Ramos, Maria del Mar García, Marc Comas, Talita Duarte, Boni Bolíbar and Anna Moleras.

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